My name is Olga Slusareva, I live in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Photography is my eternal source of inspiration, it’s a way to stop the moment and make it live forever. Every photo shoot is special, every person is unique, and every story that we narrate together with you is wonderful. I aim to create photography that will remind you about your happy moments many years later, that will take you back to that very day, and make you smile.

I believe that guarantee of successful photo shoot is friendship and trust between the photographer and models. To achieve success in the process of photo shoot it is necessary to become friend and even slightly fall in love with person you photograph.

Let a person be him/herself, perceive his/her beauty, read over emotions in the eyes, capture body language, and… move away, take a shot. Let somebody see oneself from the side which he/she possibly was unconscious of yet. This is what I aim in the process of every photo shoot.

During my photoshoot you will always will yourself comfortable, cheerful and relaxed, you can come and try it yourself.

If what I shared with you touched you, write me, call me, connect with me in any convenient for you way, and together we will create your beautiful memories.

I shoot all around Georgia, and I am also open for any worldwide offers.